Monday, July 2, 2012

Earthly Minded Much?

Recently, I have received a large number of updates from many of my Facebook "friends" suggesting that America is no longer a "Christian" country.  Many have become noticeably upset to the point of posting many things on their Facebook page that I find questionable and saddening.  They use language that I abhor and they are constantly worried about what this means for the country and the world.  I am not a proponent of speaking about government issues from pulpits because religion and government should be kept separate.  The only governmental authority we should be concerned with is that of the heavenly government we will rule and reign in with Christ in the future.

You have heard of the saying, "You are so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good."  Amen, praise God.  That is how we should be.  However, there are many today who are so earthly minded, they are of no heavenly good.

I know where this comes from for many of "Christendom", but grace believers should know better.  The reason most "Christians" are so upset with the recent Supreme Court ruling is because they have been taught that they will reign on earth with the Twelve Apostles in New Jerusalem, which is not so.  Grace believers know this and should not be so flustered when fallen men make fallen decisions.

Rather, we should look at this, shake our heads and move on.  God has a plan and in that plan He is using the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to reconcile the universe unto Himself.  That does not mean everyone, including Satan, will be saved.  No!  That means God planned before the foundation of the world, that He would gather all things together in Christ, things above, and things below, things in heaven and things on earth, things invisible and things visible.  God has a plan and many today are so earthly minded, that they will be of no heavenly good.

Greg Resor
Complete in Him

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